Planthood offers fresh potting mix using ethical ingredients, delivered straight to your door.

Have you bought potting mix or soil ingredients from Bunnings before? Yes, we all have! 

If you're looking for a more sustainable alternative to your bag of potting mix or soil ingredients from your nearest large garden store, retailer or Bunnings, read on.

1. Freshly mixed = nutrient retentive and lower risk of pests

Fresh potting mixes are most effective for your plants. The top two reasons for using fresh potting mix is that nutrients break down over time and a lower risk of pests.

How long do you think that bag of potting mix or soil ingredients has been sitting at Bunnings or that large retailer before you bought it?

Extended storage periods can:

 Attract pests over time
 Degrade nutrients
 Cause chemical changes such as increased pH or decreased soluble salts and nitrogen levels

Fresh soil can have:

  More nutrients available for your plants
 Lower risk of pests laying eggs
  Increased effectiveness to retain moisture

We freshly mix our indoor plant soils each month and deliver them straight to you. We take out the middle man to make sure your plants get the freshest stuff possible!

2. Our soil ingredients are perfectly sized for potted plants

Perlite, vermiculite, bark, pumice, coir, sand or biochar - you name it, most soil ingredients have different sizes suitable for different applications.

Planthood have chosen soil ingredients in the perfect size for potted plants. Go worry-free, knowing you haven't accidentally bought the size for a garden bed.

The cons of storing potting mixes over time can also apply to soil ingredients. Bark for example, can attract pests. The risk of buying infested bark increases with storage time.

We also take great care in choosing from local suppliers where possible, reducing carbon emissions in transport. Sustainability and ethics are our top priorities, and we handpick each soil ingredient to reflect our beliefs.

For example, we choose renewable coco coir over non-renewable peat moss and use biochar made of nut shell waste (reduces waste and is vegan). We also do not use blood and bone fertilisers (learn more about our philosophy).

3. Smaller sizes, straight to your door

For us folks who live in apartments or smaller spaces, we don't have storage for a 10L bag of potting mix! 

Unfortunately Bunnings and larger retailers often only sell large bags of potting mix. We once bought a large bag and a month later it was super infested with fungus gnats (despite our best efforts to prevent pests) and we had to throw it out. Very disappointing.

Planthood offers smaller sizes to encourage you to buy just what you need, delivered exactly when you need it.

No need for waiting in lines or seeing people (jokes, well not sure about you but I'm pretty happy to stay at home and talk to my plants all day).

Lastly, we're always happy to help! Have potting mix or soil ingredient questions? Simply contact us to chat all things green!


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October 10, 2021 — Lila O