We use a combination of home compostable mailers from The Better Packaging Co / Australia Post mailers / recyclable cardboard boxes for all soil orders. 

Our compostable mailers have been specifically tested for worm toxicity and are completely safe for worm compost. Simply put it in your compost / vermicompost bin to turn into awesome plant food or dispose of it in the bin where it will biodegradable naturally in landfill!

Soil Mix and Soil Essentials Bags 
We have chosen unbleached kraft bags for our Soil Essentials Bags because kraft is a completely natural and sustainable material made out of renewable wood pulp. 

While kraft itself is biodegradable, our bags have a non-biodegradable lining. Hence, the bags are partially biodegradable.

Unfortunately, the classification of biodegradable products are linked to how easy the product breaks down when it comes in contact with soils.

This means that a fully biodegradable bag just cannot hold our soil products for long enough before our soils would start reacting with the bag. Given the right conditions, a biodegradable bag holding our soil could break down in a matter of months.

Our Soil Mix Bags are RedCycle friendly.

Please dispose of our Soil Mix and Soil Essentials bags thoughtfully in the bin.

Plant Packaging
All plant packaging comes in recyclable cardboard boxes. The boxes are made from post-consumer recycled materials and / or renewable materials. We also use kraft tape as we are committed to using plastic-free alternatives where possible.

Thank you for reading about our sustainability initiatives!

Potting mix unique to your plant

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