Moisture-retaining Vermiculite

Soil Essentials


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What is it?

A hydrating mineral that keeps your plant’s foliage strong and happy.

Ideal for creating a moisture-retaining soil, the honeycomb structure of vermiculite is a multi-tasker that stores water and nutrients for your plants.

Our vermiculite boasts a particularly high water retention rate of 4 times its weight, ensuring your plants stay hydrated for longer.

Are you a forgetful plant parent? If you under water regularly, simply add 10% vermiculite to any ready-to-go potting mix to help prevent under-watering for healthy roots.

Possessing a metallic shine, this mineral has naturally available magnesium to help your plant photosynthesize and grow vibrant, luscious foliage. 

100% vegan & cruelty-free.

This product is lab tested and free from asbestos.