A Planthood event


At the Houseplant Festival

Often we take plants home without having regard to where they originate from or the specific conditions they need to thrive. Our plants can end up looking dull and we just can't figure out what's wrong.

If you have a plant right now that's alive but not thriving, then this talk is for you!

The plants we take home evolved from specific parts of the world and thrive in certain soils. For example, a plant that grew in the Amazon rainforest would like a different mix to one that came from the riverside!

We have to mimic those originating soils in our potting mix to keep our plants happy. Without worms to aerate the soil and wind to clean our plant's leaves, well-draining and detoxifying soil components are positively essential.

Join us and learn how to go from a good plant parent to a great one. Founder of Planthood, Lila will deep dive into some of the most popular types of indoor plants and how you can best adapt your potting mix to your plant's specific species.

Lila will also cover the importance of using a premium potting mix and how to bolster your potting mix to prevent problems such as root rot, wilting leaves and slow (or no) growth.

You'll walk away feeling fully prepared for your repotting going into Spring and with a Q&A at the end, you'll be confident that all your potting mix concerns are solved!

Start Time: 11:20am, 4:20pm
Duration: 25 minutes


Lila Ong
Lila is founder of Planthood, an online store specialising in sustainable potting mixes. She has an obsession for creating the perfect soil and is passionate about using eco-friendly ingredients in her formulas.

She is also the organiser of the Melbourne Houseplant Festival, which advances Planthood's mission to create conscious and confident plant parents.

Image Credit: London Garden Museum Houseplant Festival

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