A Planthood Event


At the Houseplant Festival

Join Alan from Plant Jungle in this relaxing hands-on mounting workshop, learning about Staghorn ferns and how these incredible epiphytic plants grow in the wild.

You’ll walk away with a beautifully mounted fern on a wooden board that’s ready to hang in your home.

These Staghorns look stunning when wall mounted to show off their architectural fronds to maximum effect.

The workshop includes all materials and personalised guidance you need to create your own living wall art.

Staghorn ferns (Platycerium) are ‘epiphytes’ meaning they naturally grow attached to trees or rocks, and mounting them on boards imitates the way they are found in the wild.

During the workshop we will also talk about plant care instructions and tips to ensure your new ‘frond’ thrives in your home!

Start Time: 3:10pm, 4:30pm
Duration: 50 minutes
Price: $70

Please note workshops are add-ons to your Festival Ticket unless you purchase a Creative Plant Parent Pass (which is inclusive of all workshops).

If you choose a 2-hour session ticket, your time will be extended by the duration of your workshop.

Image Credit: London Garden Museum Houseplant Festival