A Planthood event


At the Houseplant Festival

How come your desk plant is dying but your living room plant is happy? Positioning your plants in the right light is the essential skill every green thumbed gardener knows.

If you're a beginner or intermediate plant parent then this talk is for you.

Start Time: 2:20pm
Duration: 25 minutes (TBC)


Dominic Hooghuis
Dominic is co-founder of The Plant Runner, a brand that has changed the indoor plant fertiliser industry. He is a horticulturalist and leading expert in indoor plant care, being regularly featured on The Block and major publications across Australia.

Jami Butler
Jami is co-founder of Backyard Botanist, a plant shop born with the love of all things green and good. Jami has a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Botany) and worked in a variety of ecological and horticultural roles before starting Backyard Botanist.

Image Credit: London Garden Museum Houseplant Festival

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