A Planthood event


At the Houseplant Festival

Australia's top houseplant experts, Lauren Camilleri, Alan Chan, Dominic Hooghuis and Samantha Roxas will be on hand to discuss plant topics from "How To Never Kill a Houseplant" to rare plants and lastly a Q&A session.

Start Time: 12:20pm
Duration: 30 minutes


Lauren Camilleri
Lauren is an art director, design obsessive and indoor plant specialist. She has co-authored three indoor plant books - Leaf Supply, Indoor Jungle and Plantopedia. She is also a co-founder of Leaf Supply and brings plenty of plant nous to boot.

Alan Chan
Plant-fluencer Alan is a passionate plant collector with over 70,000 followers on Instagram. Alan has documented his horticultural journey on Instagram since 2016 and answered thousands of questions from keen plant parents. He has been featured on numerous platforms including the SMH and regularly partners with Bunnings.

Dominic Hooghuis
Dominic is co-founder of The Plant Runner, a brand that has changed the indoor plant fertiliser industry. He is a horticulturalist and leading expert in indoor plant care, being regularly featured on The Block and major publications across Australia.

Samantha Roxas
Samantha is founder of PCM and specialises in rare plants, Anthuriums and Philodendrons. If you've got questions about caring for rare plants, she is your go-to girl.


Lila Ong
Lila is founder of Planthood, an online store specialising in sustainable potting mixes. She is the organiser of the Melbourne Houseplant Festival, which advances Planthood's mission to create conscious and confident plant parents.

Image Credit: London Garden Museum Houseplant Festival

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