A Planthood event


At the Houseplant Festival

Lauren and Sophia are the owners of online plant and botanical ware shop Leaf Supply, and authors of three indoor plant books - Leaf SupplyIndoor Jungle and Plantopedia.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of their latest book Bloom, come hear them talk about the joy of flowering plants and how to encourage them to bloom both indoors and on balconies.

Start Time: 10:20am
25 minutes


Sophia Kaplan
With a strong connection to nature, Sophia is obsessed with the fascinating world of plants. Her work as a floral stylist inspires her to curate the most stylish plants and she takes part in many collaborative plant and flower projects across Australia.

Lauren Camilleri
Lauren is an art director, design obsessive and indoor plant specialist. With a degree in interior architecture and graphic design in her bones, she knows how to make plants look beautiful in every space.

Image Credit: London Garden Museum Houseplant Festival

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