Super Draining Coarse Sand

Soil Essentials


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What is it?

A coarse sand made specially for potting mixes and to prevent wet, waterlogged roots for happy plants.

Sand acts as an aeration component and allows oxygen to easily penetrate the root zone for growth of strong roots more resistant to pesky diseases.

This isn’t your average sand. Its optimum sized grains provides breathing space for healthy strong roots, because small sand grains pack in too tightly which can cause plant suffocation.

Sand is your succulent and cactus' best friend. It keeps them dry and recreates their desert habitat to make them feel cosy at home.

Sand isn’t just for desert dwelling plants. Sand is heavy and ideal for providing weight stability in a mix for larger plants and trailing vines. Make cleaning soil mess from a topped plant a thing of the past and say hello to fuss-free plant parenting!

100% Australian sourced. Vegan & cruelty-free.