Calathea, Begonia & Peace Lily Super Soil



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What is it?

The luxe soil that your plants have been praying for, this blend is sure to keep your drama queens from whinging. Created with a dose of moisture-retaining vermiculite to hydrate and energise, it helps sad plants bounce back and happy plants dance like nobody's watching.

Formulated with magnesium and nitrogen, this elegant blend improves leaf radiance and boosts extravagant and luscious foliage.

For Peace Lilies only, we recommend adding 10% extra Kindly Sourced Worm Castings to our blend to encourage flowering.

Bolstered with organic fertiliser, this sumptuous formula will leave your plants naturally nourished from the inside out.

Our blend is 100% natural & chemical-free.

Why Plant Specific Potting Mixes?

Tailoring a plant's potting mix to reflect the soil found at its place of origin helps it flourish like it would in the wild.

Our potting mixes mimic qualities of drainage, aeration and nutrients of a plant's native soil conditions so your plant feels right at home, in your home.

Hero Ingredients

Worm Castings: This potent ingredient is teeming with essential nutrients N,P,K, leaving your plants feeling revitalised with a glowing green radiance.

Vermiculite: Stores water and nutrients for your plants.

To learn about the ingredients we use in our very own mixes and what they do, check out our Soil Ingredients.

Good To Know

Cruelty-free: Made without blood, bone or fish fertiliser. Learn more in The Study.

Planthood vs Bunnings Potting Mix: Ever bought potting mix from Bunnings before? Yes, we all have! Why Planthood?

: Not sure how to repot? Take a look at our Very Useful Repotting Guide.


How much soil do I need for my pot?

Size Guide

880ml = 2x 9cm diameter pots OR 1x 12cm pot

2.8L = 4x 11cm diameter pots OR 1x 18cm pot

6L = 9x 10cm diameter pots OR 1x 23cm pot

If your pots are more deep than wide, we suggest going a size up.

What makes your potting mix so powerful?

We tailor the mix to specific types of plants. It's a practice taken out of the professional grower's rulebook. Our formulas reflect a plant’s place of origin and mimic qualities of drainage, aeration and nutrients so your plant feels right at home, in your home.

What's the difference between cruelty-free, chemical-free and vegan soils?

Whilst these concepts are still emerging, here is our take:

Cruelty-free Soil: Free from blood, bone or fish fertilisers, or anything that comes from the slaughterhouse.

Chemical-free Soil: Free from chemicals.

Vegan Soil: Contains no animal or animal derivatives. Please note we do not include worm castings in our vegan soil, although many vegans are fine with using it because it’s natural.

Our Super Soil line is cruelty-free and chemical-free, while our Vegan Soil is cruelty-free and vegan.

Do you sell your soil in bigger sizes?

Yes. However, due to the high costs of shipping bulk soil we haven’t made larger sizes a mainstream offering.

If you are after a custom size over 50L, simply contact us for a quote.

How long can I store your soil?

We recommend using the soil within 18 months and keeping it in a cool, dry and dark place. Use our resealable zip to keep insects out.

The soil can absolutely be used past 18 months and up to 4 years in the right storage conditions. The potent nutrients do break down over time, so we just suggest adding more nutrients (e.g. extra worm castings) if you are using it past the 18 month mark.

Potting mix unique to your plant

Find the best potting mix based on your plant species and watering style.

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