Follow these simple rules to choose the right pot for your plant.
1. Consider how fast your plant grows
To pick the proper pot for your plant, you need to take into account how fast your particular plant grows.
Slow Grower: If it's a slow-grower (e.g. cacti, succulents), you want a pot that is 2.5-5cm wide in diameter than the previous one.
Fast Grower: If it's a fast-grower (e.g. vines, ferns) you'll need a pot that is 7.5-10cm wider in diameter than the previous one.
It's important not to repot your plant in a pot that is too big, because the soil will dry slowly after watering, making the plant more susceptible to diseases such as root rot.

2. Drainage Holes
Most potted plants won't thrive in soggy soil, so if you want the best for your plant, choose a pot with drainage holes.
Some plants can survive in a pot without drainage holes. Often these are hardy plants that don't mind too much water (e.g. some types of ivys).
But I've already got a pot and it doesn't have a drainage hole.
If you've already got a pot without drainage holes, consider putting a draining pot inside the chosen pot. Otherwise, if you're handy there are plenty of youtube videos about how to drill a hole in your pot.
Alternatively, buy a sustee. It's a little tool that tells you how moist the soil is so that you know exactly when to water your plant!

3. Planter Material
Plastic Pots
Pros: Lightweight and cheap
Cons: May or may not be environmentally friendly (some plastic pots are not recyclable, although we use pots that are recyclable)
Best for: Plants that need plenty of water to thrive, as they tend to retain a significant amount of moisture. Most indoor plants will do fine in a plastic pot.
Terracotta and Ceramic Pots
Pros: Porous and dries soil out quicker
Cons: Heavy and more expensive
Best for: Succulents and indoor plants that need low water. Terracotta is a very porous material and it offers ideal conditions for growing plants that like well-aerated, dry soils.

Other Pots
Glass: We do not recommend glass pots because they do not have the ability to breathe. They are however, popular for terrariums and do work in certain circumstances.
Fibre pots: We use fibre pots in our seed kits. They are extremely environmentally friendly. While they are not great at retaining water, they are perfect for starting your seedlings because they are biodegradable and can be planted straight into the ground when your seedling grows bigger.

So now you've chosen your pot. Check out our article Very Useful Repotting Guide so you're good to go when your plant is ready to upsize!

Article adapted from Picture This App.

October 02, 2021 — Lila O