Monsteras are semi-epiphytes, which are plants that start off on it's own, then scale other trees to grow huge.

This means, in a soil mix for these marvellous creatures, you should add chunky bark to provide strong structural support for these tree-huggers which thrive on aerial roots and attach on other trees for support.

Another important ingredient for Monsteras is perlite that creates excellent drainage. Instead of perlite, you can also use sand, pumice or gravel.⁠

What you should also know is that between Monstera species, you can make your mix even more species-specific.

For example, the Monstera Adansonii likes a slightly more moist soil than other Monsteras. Add some vermiculite or extra coir.⁠⁠

The Monstera Thai Constellation i.e. the super rare monstera, grows very slowly. So use organic fertiliser like our Kindly Sourced Worm Castings because it doesn't burn the roots and pare back on adding fertiliser until you observe it's actually growing.⁠

Our custom Monstera formula has all the above and is enriched with organic fertiliser that answers to deficiencies.

So, the hero ingredients to look for are:

  • Composted Bark
  • Perlite (or pumice/sand/gravel)

⁠Make your own with Monstera mix with our Soil Ingredients range or check out our Monstera Super Soil.

September 04, 2021 — Lila O